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So it's half past stupid o clock in the morning right now and I stayed up not two days ago to try and prevent this type of thing, but I don't care, because after hours and hours of just not being in the mood to write today, I've managed to churn out almost 2000 words! Looker is awkward to write still but I feel like I'm getting into it now and the plot is churning along at a nice sort of pace. I need to untangle the next few plot points a little but I suspect it may just come down to writing and seeing where that takes me. Right now I'm not sure if Looker is on the verge of an epiphany or whether the test results need to come back first.

Which reminds me that I need to get someone to have a look at that section. It seems obvious to me, but I wrote it and I know it's important.

Still. 8.8k and I think I'm on track to finish without a lot of trouble. I think I could possibly even squeeze it to ~20k rather than the 25-30k I was thinking previously. Well... we'll see.

...I really need a beta for this shit though.
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Maybe I don't prefer ff.net so much after all?

Anyway, just been busy acquiring me some Primeval icons, because having only Persona 3 just will not do! One from [livejournal.com profile] bea_tricks , [livejournal.com profile] bella_farfalla and [livejournal.com profile] sallymn as well as two from [livejournal.com profile] tli_productions . I'm currently showing off a particularly pretty one of Nick. Sadly, no Danny icons caught my attention. I did, however, have to stop myself stealing about three million Lester ones. XD

Had an exam today. This is the THIRD time I've done this exam so hopefully this will mean an A not a B this time. Damn those picky examining boards.

Also, been lurking in some Primeval communities and have seen a good number of complaints about 4.03. I'm finding myself agreeing with several points, but I actually have a thought about the lockdown system that people have been complaining about and I'm writing it here before I forget. Call this fanwanking maybe, but whatever.

Thoughts below the cut. )
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Was there a point in my even making this? Well, since I'm posting here now, I guess there was.

Won NaNo 2010, whoop. With Pokemon fanfic, not so whoop. Fanfic that I'm unlikely to finish, even less whoop. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and it got me into fandoms a bit more. Been branching out recently - I now read Persona 3/4, Primeval, Pokemon, Naruto, Sherlock, Eyeshield 21 (in small doses) and even looked up some Fire Emblem fic recently.

One day, I might even USE this journal for my own fic. (Ha, that'll be a strange day.) Then maybe someone will see this other than me.

On a Primeval kick atm. Severely. Seriously, 5 ideas in what, 2-3 days? That said... His Dark Materials crosses over with literally anything. Just add daemons for instant awesome! (Note to self: Challenge: write a Persona/HDM crossover fic someday.)

For the curious (aka so I won't forget them): Connor/Abby+ Becker friendship and PTSD; future-fic from 4.03 (premature? what?); Primeval/Monster xover; Primeval/HDM xover; Becker/genderflip!Danny fic, which I'll probably never write but is fun to imagine.

In related news, have found that I ship Becker/Danny like whoa. And good god, it was like Becker was made to push all my fangirl buttons. Tall, dark, gorgeous, muscly, badass, snarky... Ooft. Why have I only just discovered this?


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