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Maybe I don't prefer ff.net so much after all?

Anyway, just been busy acquiring me some Primeval icons, because having only Persona 3 just will not do! One from [livejournal.com profile] bea_tricks , [livejournal.com profile] bella_farfalla and [livejournal.com profile] sallymn as well as two from [livejournal.com profile] tli_productions . I'm currently showing off a particularly pretty one of Nick. Sadly, no Danny icons caught my attention. I did, however, have to stop myself stealing about three million Lester ones. XD

Had an exam today. This is the THIRD time I've done this exam so hopefully this will mean an A not a B this time. Damn those picky examining boards.

Also, been lurking in some Primeval communities and have seen a good number of complaints about 4.03. I'm finding myself agreeing with several points, but I actually have a thought about the lockdown system that people have been complaining about and I'm writing it here before I forget. Call this fanwanking maybe, but whatever.

Lockdown stops the creature moving about. This is pretty reasonable, because they've got a freaking dragon in there, amongst other things. Don't really understand why it's everywhere locked down as opposed to one place, but hey, maybe Burton isn't that good with coding and Jess wouldn't help. Anyway, once the creatures trapped, the air is sucked out of the specific area the creature is stuck in... and then the lockdown lifts. Presumably anybody stuck with a creature would be basically dead anyway, and this neutralises the threat without anyone having to go in and risk themselves fighting it.

Burton just got unlucky because he clearly didn't realise Rex could get out of his cage (pretty sure this was shown in ep 1 or 2) and, well, this system looks kind of dumb when the creature in question is a tiny adorable flying lizard. Further in his defence, small things can still be deadly.

But ONLY can be deactivated by one person? Oh Phillip, you so silly. Or... you have a reason for wanting to possibly disable the ARC at a later date? Hmm.

Also, DO NOT APPROVE of Jess standing by and basically handling Connor electronics. I was sure having two techies in the building wouldn't be a great idea and was kind of hoping Connor would, you know, get out more. Looks like this won't be happening though. Darn. So here's like three paragraphs of me trying to make myself feel better.

"Now, Connor," said Phillip, "About the security system--"
"Err," he answered. Another test run? "That didn't really work out very well last time."
"That's precisely what I was going to say. I was hoping you'd be able to work out a few of the... problems with it."

It was almost like a replay of the other day, with Abby standing by the door looking exasperated and Becker... well, Becker looked a little bemused, actually.

He cleared his throat. "Well, I was really hoping to..."
"Oh, but what if something similar were to happen again? You might not be here to save them next time."

Connor winced at the thought. When he phrased it like that, he really didn't have much of a choice--

"I thought I'd already fixed it?" Jess said, twirling in her chair to face them. She was frowning slightly. "Didn't it work?"
Phillip blinked, apparently as genuinely mystified as Connor. "Pardon?"
"You didn't know? I left a report about it on your desk..."
"I... I must have missed that," Phillip admitted. "Fixed it?"
"Oh, I just added a code for the system to consider Rex a non-threat, and a few other things," she said, waving her hand dismissively. "He is alright, isn't he? Poor thing, he could have died in there!"
"He's fine now," Connor answered, hoping that Jess had gotten Rex's name from him and not from one of her files.
"A few other things?" Phillip asked.
"Well, it will recognise a few other faces now - Lester, Matt, myself and Becker." A dreamy look crossed her face momentarily. Connor wondered if he had been like that with Abby and whether he could try getting into Jess' computer with 'Jessica Becker'. "Just in case something similar happens again."
"I see," Phillip said.
"So, you don't really need me here then?" Connor hoped the answer was no because he'd already started to shuffle towards the door.
"Well... no, I suppose not anymore." He still looked like something had happened that he hadn't really expected.
"Great," Connor said, and hurried away quickly just in case he changed his mind.

He did shoot Jess a grin and a thumbs up before he left the room, though.

"I thought I was going to be stuck in the ARC forever," Connor muttered, as the door closed behind the three of them.
"So did I," Abby said. She smiled at him and he smiled at her.
"And can somebody get me some chocolate on their way back?" came Jess' voice over the headpieces.
"Sure," Becker answered, before Connor could. "Don't need anyone to tell you how brilliant you are this week?"
"That's okay." Her voice held a distinct trace of smugness. "It can wait until you've got more time."


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